Out of Whack and Snack Attack

Still feeling somewhat disoriented from the news on Steve Jobs (I tried to NOT read anything related to him because it made me feel sad), I hobbled back to work on Tuesday. Monday was a holiday (Taiwan’s Double Ten Day – 雙十節), which meant I should have enjoyed my three-day weekend. I don’t think I did (The thrill of watching Craig Alexander crush the course record and the elation of Chrissie Wellington reclaiming the IM Kona title were short-lived.). I felt tired over the break and I still am feeling under the weather as of typing this post.

I’ve been trying to get my head together to write more for this blog but I’m simply uninspired to do so (It’s already Wednesday and I’m still feeling crappy). I don’t think it’s a case of writer’s block (mainly because I have ideas floating around). Still I am left wondering how writers do it (“it” being consistently writing).

So as I am wandering aimlessly for the time being, could this delirium (hopefully temporary) simply be a pang of hunger? I’m going out for a snack; perhaps I’ll figure something out before I get back to my desk.


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