The Lady in the Coffee Shop

Stare and hope she doesn’t catch you with your mouth slightly agape.

Her billowy gray scarf played with the zephyr as she sauntered through the shop’s swinging glass door.

What would a single man in his early thirties do when a pretty woman walks in?

Stare, of course. Stare and hope she doesn’t catch you with your mouth slightly agape.

She and her friends approach the counter and give their orders to an abashed barista. He seemed flustered with the attention of four attractive women.

Open-toe slingbacks.

But I had my eye on one. Her long brown hair complemented her smoky oriental eyes. Her skintight pants hugged her skinny legs almost perfectly. Her dainty feet rested gracefully on her slingbacks.

She and her friends took a table across mine. I felt almost ashamed to stare. I knew it is impolite to gawk. Yet I couldn’t stop myself. I didn’t attempt to stop myself.

She sits demurely into the chair directly facing me. Man, she’s hot! I wondered if she was deliberately avoiding my gaze. Probably not. She was too caught up chatting with her clique.

Their conversation was a farrago of things – work, fall fashion, some new club, colleague at work. Yes I was eavesdropping. For how long I was in a daze, I wouldn’t know. Time seemed to just erase itself altogether each time she smiled. Each time she moved. Even the way she tucked her hair behind her ear dazzled me.

She then shifts slightly in the chair. Yes. Even THAT fascinated me.

She goes on to lift her right leg and prop her heel unto the chair; her right calf pressed against the underside of her thigh. She starts to fiddle with one of her toenails. I couldn’t tell which one as I was still struggling if this was actually happening.

I blinked. Sure enough, she had taken off her right sandal and was removing something from her toenails.

Yes. In a coffee shop. Yes. In plain view of everybody else having their post-lunch dose of caffeine.

I quickly grab my cup of black coffee as I stand to leave. Certainly ashamed that I stared that long.

Back story: Based on true events from last Friday; much to the chagrin of my male colleagues.


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