Weekend Wanderland

I stood there wondering why the bus was late. Or was I the one who didn’t leave the office on time? It wouldn’t have mattered if I wasn’t hungry. I remembered I didn’t get the chance to have an afternoon snack. My tummy complained as I thought of eating either chicken curry or dumplings. Wait a minute. Did I write something for my blog today? A string of profanities may have been unleashed had the bus not arrived. And so my dear friends, for now I leave you with the following quote from Paulo Coelho’s Warrior of the Light:

“…the Warrior of the Light knows that everything around him – his victories, his defeats, his enthusiasm and his despondency – form part of his Good Fight. And he will know when he needs it. A Warrior does not try to be coherent; he has learned to live with his contradictions.”

I intend to write some more this weekend so your patience is much appreciated. And I look forward to what I will discover/learn on your blog as well.

On a somewhat irrelevant note, if you’ve noticed that I’ve once again changed this blog’s backdrop (something that I’ve been doing quite frequently and I apologize if it is getting annoying) this is because I got inspired by Pedro Salma’s blog (and Nerds in Love).

What are your plans this weekend? It would brighten my day if you tell me all about it in the comments. And whatever it is you’re scheming to do, enjoy and stay safe.


I also want favorable running weather and some time to read.


4 thoughts on “Weekend Wanderland

  1. Is that you, in the image? Hey, I hope you don’t allow the blog to become your task master. Life is full of demands and expectations, all of which conspire to drag us down emotionally. I know the “pros” say you need to be consistent for your readers’ sake. But I have punched a time clock too many times to allow this to become a new “boss.” If you write quality stuff (which you DO!) your readers will happily follow you, regardless of your schedule. If you want to make money off your blog…well, that’s another story and I know nothing about that. I’m here for the sharing of ideas, anxieties, expectations, and delights. One of the delights has been discovering your blog.

    This weekend? It was scheduled to be a camping weekend. (partner issues changed that some.) Still, this afternoon we enjoyed a lovely hike in the nearby hills. Fall colors abound. Tomorrow….I may ditch the partner and go for a drive on my own. I love solitude.

    • Thank you so much for the helpful advice on blogging. I can be a type A sometimes when it comes to what I do. I think it’s because I’m new to this experience. Do you ever get those moments when your mind is so filled with ideas and you just can’t wait to materialize all of them? I carry around a notepad (I’m a traditionalist. This is something one of my writing mentors told me to do.) and jot things that come to mind – verses for poems, lines for prose, story lines, character names, art work, even training sessions (for running). Generally my mind’s pretty restless.

      Glad to hear you went for a hike. Fall’s a great season isn’t it? It’s probably my favorite. I hope you do get some quality time for solitude.

      That’s me (taken on the weekend before this last one). It was one of those cool sunny days. I decided to head down the track (for some reason it’s so quiet there even if it’s in a busy area).

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