Vengeance Word Cloud

He lies awake
In the darkness
Cursing his life
What he’s become

His mem’ries wander
Through a dim corner
He sees his target
Thief of his future

Vengeance certain, plotted
Resolve firm, menacing
This face shall be the last
Image fore final breath

Plans fall with sudden bloodshed
Prey putting one through his head
Swearing unresolved hatred
How do you kill the now dead?

©Nel 2011

Entry for Magpie Tales Mag 90

Side Note: An attempt to explore a twisted mind and tortured soul seeking revenge. My gratitude to Z for helping me develop a plot.


14 thoughts on “Vengeance

    • Thank you for dropping by, Dia.

      I think your insight shed a unique light into the post. From my point of view it ends at that feeling of “There’s nothing you can do to someone who’s dead.” But you’ve just made me also realize that it could mean, it will be an unending loop or revenge and deceit. Thanks! :)

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