good night, good morning

Good Night Good Morning Poem by Nel


close your eyes, dear
let slumber take you
rest that weary
soul parched of sinew

open your eyes, love
let hope engulf you
seize this dandy
day for dreams come true

15 November 2011 | for Z, the perpetual sleepyhead

©Nel 2011


An impromptu quickie for The Gooseberry Garden Poetry Picnic 13


11 thoughts on “good night, good morning

    • Thank you, ahhhpoetry. :)

      The picture is an edited version of a template for Adobe Illustrator. I just tweaked a few things (sometimes I just need to divert from what I’m doing to restart and I dabble with illustrations).

    • Thank you, dear Bassa.
      I’m a believer that we must work for our dreams to come true. I hope you have a dandy day! :)

  1. love this,

    two stanza, compare and contrast lines, very delightful sentiments shown.

    make a contribution to poets rally today, any poem is welcome.

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