Irreplaceable: Mi Familia

Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

The easiest photo challenge yet. Everything changes but all through the crests and troughs of my life, family has remained key in personal priorities. Mine is no different from other families – imperfect. But here’s a peek at what my siblings and I do and enjoy together.

We love dimsum.

Dimsum (Cantonese) is a mutual favorite. This was taken back in 2009 during my first trip back home since coming to Taiwan.

Dimsum delirium

We wear tsinelas.

One of the many things I miss about Cebu is being able to wear flip-flops/slippers (in the Philippines we call them tsinelas) all-year round. My siblings and I have owned several pairs of them.

Slippered siblings

We enjoy hanging out.

Differences among us are made apparent by our choice of drinks. We were hanging out with our cousins at Starbucks earlier this year (my most recent trip back). My brother goofing around, probably wishing these were something else.

How do you like your Starbucks?

We are who we are.

One of my favorite photographs taken during that last trip back home is this last one – candid and vibrant. It is rare for my siblings and my cousins to be in a single place at a single point in time like this (the one in the previous picture had already traveled back to Bukidnon in Mindanao for work). We currently live in different parts of the world; so even a short period of togetherness could mean a lot. This frozen moment represents a lot of things I love and miss about Cebu – the sunny weather, the laid-back comforts of home, and yes, time with my family.

A good laugh, memories shared

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