Wait for Me (An Excerpt)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

By your waiting for me, dear,

Waiting for the Dentist

You had saved my life.

The Lifeguard

Only you and I will know

How you got me through.

Waiting for Someone

Simply – you knew how to wait –

No one else but you.

To Arrive


Back Story: The poem Wait for Me is by Konstantin Simonov and I’ve excerpted the last lines of it for this week’s challenge. As for the photographs, here’s a bit about each.
[1] A patient waiting for the dentist.
[2] A lifeguard waiting for somebody to get into trouble.
[3] A grandfather waiting…
[4] …for his granddaughter at the playground.


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11 thoughts on “Wait for Me (An Excerpt)

    • I know what you mean, frizztext. Those drilling sounds scare the life out of me (especially when I was little).

      • those drilling sounds – my feet are working faster, if I hear them coming out of dentists’ windows when I’m walking through my hometown – do not want to hear some frightened soul cry!

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