Creating Kreativity

An Ode of Gratitude

Born, raised not far from the beaches of Cebu
I like walking as ideas accrue

Oft mistaken as Taiwanese;
Also Korean, Indonesian, American-born Chinese

Fizzy soda, drinks too sugary
Make no contact with my tummy.

“The Clue of the Golden Locket”-
First Nancy Drew book in my docket.

When winter’s over I’m going surfing
“A Brief History of Time” – what I’m reading.

Makeup and I don’t bind well together
But I use sunscreen, lip balm, moisturizer

First foreign trip – Saudi Arabia
Thanks to Bassa, I now know about Tblisi, Georgia

Lovely Bassa and the Tall Person
This rhyme’s reason:

I’m thankful for, honored by your award
And shall soon pay it forward

©Nel 2011

Side Note: This is one of the highlights of my week. I shall soon be posting an update as to who I’m passing this award to.

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