Who is this Somebody?

Who is she?
Sickening silence.
Who is she?
Tears commence.

Who is he?
The one who’s taken your heart away.
Who is he?
The one who’s led you astray.

Who is she?
Does her kiss taste sweeter?
Who is she?
Does she love you better?

Who is he?
What does he have that I don’t?
Who is he?
What does he give that I won’t?

Who is she?
Who is he?
This somebody
Who’s made you lie to me.

6 November 2011
©Nel 2011

Side note: I’ve never quite understood betrayal in relationships. I’ve learned from experience that attitudes like this tend to be chronic. But still I occasionally wonder – why does it continue to happen to good people with good intent?


18 thoughts on “Who is this Somebody?

  1. I enjoyed this very much Nel. It is a beautiful poem. I usually hesitate to comment on poetry because it is so personal and each word is somehow sacred. However, I would like to share how one part of it made me feel. The word ‘sickening’ in the second line conjures up feelings of dread and I’m not sure that is the intention in this contemplative and reflective poem. She is outside but really inside so perhaps “secluded silence”. Just a thought.

    • That is a much-appreciated and an excellent suggestion, Bassa. I don’t mind critique on stuff that I write (poetry, prose or stories). Thank you!

      I shall keep this version (because I really did feel sick when this happened to me) and then I’ll create another one taking into account what you said. I am thinking of trying some other words; we’ll see what happens. :)

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