Whale Shark

Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

Lemuel, a friend of mine from high school and an environmental scientist/engineer, shared (albeit just to make me envious of the fact that he went back to Cebu) some recent pictures of his diving expedition, specifically this close encounter with a whale shark.

Whale Shark's Tail End

Are those Remoras?

In keeping with this week’s photo challenge – water fills the space between him and this magnificent creature.

Face-to-Face with a Whale Shark

Time for the whale shark’s close-up.


Whale Shark's Smile

This is probably how a whale shark smiles.


These photos are all courtesy of Mr. Cabahug, are posted with his permission and were taken somewhere in the surrounding waters of Cebu. Lemuel’s Flickr page is here if you’re interested in seeing more pictures of his travels.

Quick Update (12/28/2011): You may click on the photos for a larger view.


More amazing interpretations of this week’s challenge:

18 thoughts on “Whale Shark

    • Lem has been telling me to get a diver’s license so I can go on similar adventures. For now, like you, I’m just envious.

      Thanks for stopping by. Hi to Lola for me. :)

    • Thank you, Bassa!
      Your confirmation (re: remoras) is much appreciated. I was trying to recall the more scientific name for the “suckerfish”. :)

    • Thanks for your comment, RW!

      It’s foreign even to me. Lem has been trying to convince me for a few years now to try diving. I suppose it’s not too late to give it a shot – landlubber or not. ;)

    • Welcome, dave!
      Your dream might come true if you take a dive in the Philippines. :)
      Thank you for stopping by.

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