Waking-up is hard to do

Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

Winter and I have a semi-congenial relationship. I say that we’re still partly friends, despite him depriving me of comfortable running weather and day light, because Winter affords me more hours of sleep; like this fellow I saw snoozing by the sidewalk.

Sleeping Pup

Winter Snooze Fest

Additionally, I’d like to share with you this beautiful poem by Ina (inaweblogisback.wordpress.com) which attenuates my dislike for the season. One girl’s (my) misery is, nevertheless, another woman’s muse.

Why Winter Weeps
by: Ina

There was a Winter once that mourned a love
and darkness came for months over the lands.
Her name was Summer, with the Sun above,
murdered by the evil Autumn’s hands.

Now she was dead, sad Winter covered her
with snow, reminding him of Summer’s light.
Home in cold and frost he buried her
where she should lie forever in his night.

Spring told him how to bring his love to life
so she could live forever more on Earth:
if he would kill himself, saved would be his wife
Thus Winter went, and Summer got rebirth.

But Summer, heard about his sacrifice
that took away the only love she’d known,
decided that she needed to be wise,
as sister Autumn wanted Winters throne.

“If he could give his life for me in love,
why not do the same for him each year?
A few months living surely is enough
and through this deal he also can be here.”

So every year after her light has shone,
she kneels for Autumn just to give her life
and darkness comes to tell her time is gone.
But Winter therefore always mourns his wife.

More amazing interpretations of this week’s challenge:


21 thoughts on “Waking-up is hard to do

  1. Great picture Nel. That dog is having a great time with this winter cloth and the poem is simply beautiful.
    “Now she was dead, sad Winter covered her with snow, reminding him of Summer’s light.” This part is imagination of a poet at its best.

    • You’re indeed lucky, MJ. No snow but does it get chilly and does the temperature go lower than 10 degrees Celcius?

      Thank you for your comment. :)

    • Now that’s just a sweet surprise, isn’t it? I really like this poem a lot. :)
      Many happy returns to you, Ina. :)

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