A Perfect Day

Welcoming the Year of the Dragon.

Making new friends

I saw her upon entering the park but she was too far for me to take a good picture. A few minutes later, a family of four arrived and enticed her with apples and oranges. Lucky! The kids called her “Penelope” so I figured that must be her name.

My new friend, Penelope.

Learning to throw a football

Like I said before, I’m not good at any sport that involved balls. But we had a bit of free time before the rest of our friends arrived, so Z showed me how to throw and catch a football. Its shape makes the whole thing a bit tricky.

It’s not as easy as it looks

Filipino-style barbecue

A picnic would be incomplete without food. I was thrilled that we were lunching on Filipino-style barbecue. We also had cheesecake (not pictured) for desert.

A taste of home

History lessons

Previously, the property had been privately owned by various individuals; generally used as a vacation home. One of its past wealthy owners was the multi-faceted tycoon, Howard Hughes. Currently, as a state-owned historical site, the house holds a variety pieces and ornaments from each of its prior inhabitants.

“The Aviator” once lived here (not Leo DiCaprio)

Groovy old-school cooking tools

Conducive for reading, isn’t it?

General relaxation on a beautiful day

I spent the first day of the Chinese lunar year at the Spring Mountain Ranch State Park. You may observe that the skies were gloomily grey when we arrived but the sun decided to play later during the day; revealing a pristine blue backdrop to the mountains. A perfect day by my standards – great weather and fun with friends.

Tranquility on a beautiful day

I’ll be sharing more thoughts and photos from my trip in later posts; as well as dropping-in on your blogs to see what incredible work I’ve been missing.

Take care ’til then,


5 thoughts on “A Perfect Day

  1. What a marvelously fun and eclectic collection of images and ideas. Imagine…Howard Hughes! The food looked yummy. It’s dinner time and now I’m starving!

  2. Looks like a great trip. My person say every time she tries to play catch with a football she ends up bending a finger back. I think she should stick to tossing Frisbees for me.

  3. A perfect day, indeed!

    Z has a formidable throw!

    Marvellous collection of pictures and things, Nel. Hope you continue to have happy days.

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