Better Late Than Never: Sights from CES 2012

I finally had the chance to go to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last January. Between then and now, I had some stuff to attend to (pictures of which I will share with you soon); which is why these are some months late. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy them.

Disclaimer: I am not connected with the companies making, nor am I endorsing any of the nifty little gadgets you are seeing on this post.

DeLorean Electric Car Hood

Electric Car by DeLorean

I can’t decide if this setup looks easier to fix compared to one that’s run by gas.


Workspace Concept

Workspace Concept

This is probably how cubicles will look like in the future.


Escalator View

South Hall Ground Floor

A glimpse of the ground floor of the LVCC South Hall from an escalator.


Nokia: Lumia™ Launch

Nokia’s CES 2012 Booth

You can’t miss Nokia’s display because of those lamps.


Murata’s Bicycling Robot

Murata’s Bicycling Robot

This guy’s pretty cool – just coz he’s riding a bike.


Liquipel’s Waterproof Coat Demo

Waterproof Coat for Personal Devices

Nel: Siri, where are you? | Siri: I am in the shower.


Interesting Wooden Piece – House of Marley™ Headphones

A Wooden Head with Earphones

What drew me to this wasn’t the earphones; it was that wooden head.


Nikon’s Models

Nikon Model

I’ve never been to an electronics show that didn’t have models.


Panasonic’s Solar Car

Panasonic’s Solar Car

This thing was cordoned and guarded (relatively) heavily.


Casio’s New G-Shock™

Casio’s Concept G-Shock

Being a G-Shock fan, this is what I’m waiting for this year.


Modern Jukebox


Modern take on the jukebox.


The Beatles

Let It Be

For some reason, this was the song I wanted to listen to at that point.


Cigarette Butts

Cigarette Butts

For all its high-tech glory, the show can bring on a lot of stress and a bit of injury to some people.


©Nel 2012

April 27, 2012 | Las Vegas


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