Bantayan Island: A Sunnier Retrospect

My mind ambles into that final kick before it switches into relaxation mode. It’s a Friday – this particular weekend is one I’ve been looking forward to.

I momentarily wonder about my website and carelessly type the address.

It’s not accessible.

What the @!!?!#?%?^&%$^# ?!?!?!!!!!

After a flurry of text messages , the guy who’s maintaining the servers for my site finally gives me a call. He admitted to being at fault (no need to get into the technical details here) and promised to mitigate the situation.

For now, I’m left with no site except for this one, which I hadn’t updated since early 2012.

There’s an option to rant and create a whole post about incompetence; but I’d rather focus what’s left of my weekend on sunnier thoughts. And so my reveries turn to Bantayan Island.

Here’s why.


Hues of blue - Bantayan Island, Cebu

Hues of blue




Bantayan Sunrise

How days ought to begin


Sun and Sand

Sun and Sand


Kota Beach Front



Bantayan Sunrise Day 2

Wouldn’t mind staying here for good

Help me find my way.

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