Remembering Ximen

Ximen (西門 | hsi-men), brimming with youthful and eclectic exuberance, remains to be one of my favorite places in Taiwan. When being an adult gets in the way of living, Ximen’s vibe, food and shopping choices remind me that Neverland is just a few train stops away.



Always moving

Always moving


Street Art in Ximen

Street Art in Unexpected Corners


Movie Shooting in Ximen

Movies in real life



Barbecue in Ximen

Grab-and-go Barbecue along the street


Mien Hsien (麵線) in Ximen

Mien Hsien (麵線) – a Ximen staple food


Food Cart from the Top

A View from the top: Sticky Rice Balls Food Cart



Boots in Ximen

Looks familiar? Check the bargain price.


Shopping in Ximen

Haggle if you can


Slippers at Ximen

Guess what these are.



Side Notes: These photos were taken in 2012 – the last time I was in Ximen. I’m looking forward to going back this year; if the stars align in my favor.


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