New York in a Day: Five on Fifth

Pressed for time in the “City That Never Sleeps”? A walk along Fifth Avenue is a quick fix (based on personal experience).

Atlas at Rockefeller

Atlas at the Rockefeller Center


Cartier's Building

Cartier Building


Chrysler Building

The Iconic Empire State Building Chrysler Building


Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station


NY National Library

New York Public Library


Guggenheim Museum

The Guggenheim Museum: A Check Off My Bucket List


Side Notes:

[1] This weekend side trip to New York (in December 2013) was admittedly both great and regrettable. Great because I got to spend time with a good friend and see most of the sites that made New York… well, New York; regrettable because one weekend is just not enough. It’s safe to say that I’ll be back.

[2] My lenses don’t need cleaning. It was snowing, ;)


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