MoMA: A Non-Artist Perspective

Classmate #1: Why did you choose to take an art class for your extra credit?

Me: I just think it’s interesting.

Classmate #2: Seriously? But why bother when it’s not even one of the options on our course prospectus? What exactly do you study? Paintings and literature?

It had escaped my classmates in Engineering why I voluntarily took a Humanities class. In our side of the campus, math and science were law and everything else seemed silly and downright unnecessary.

I’d taken that class for two reasons: I needed some extra credit to stay on the honor roll (somehow I messed up the number of units I was required to take within the semester when I shifted courses); and I truly am interested in art.

With no artistic finesse – not even the slightest inkling of a skill, I’ve come to appreciate art rather than create it. Here are my personal likes from the Museum of Modern Art.

The Storm by Edvard Munch (1893 – 1908)



Repose by Pablo Picasso (1908)



Still Life with Flowers by Juan Gris (1912)



Composition in Oval Planes I by Piet Mondrian (1914)



Water Lilies by Claude Monet (1914-26)



Girl Before A Mirror by Pablo Picasso (1932)



Schematic Composition by Sophie Arp (1933)



Fulang Chang and I by Frida Kahlo (1937)



Before and After by Andy Warhol (1961)



Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh (1889)



Side Note: Starry Night by Van Gogh is my absolute favorite (albeit I’m open to the possibility that some other painting will captivate me as much or even more); and this visit to MoMA is another check off my bucket list.


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