Loving Boston

I was told that one’s relationship with Boston could never be love-hate. You either love the city or hate it. It won’t ever be a grey area.

When traveling, I’m not one who makes a beeline for the most popular tourist destinations. My preference has always been to experience the vibe of the city on a regular day. So while in America’s Walking City, walk I did; and found that if I were to pick a side, I’d say I love the city. Here’s my way of remembering why.


With so many places that I’ve not seen around the city (didn’t get a chance to check out Fenway Park and a few highly recommended lobster places along the shore), I’m almost certain that I’ll be back soon.


©Nel 2013

November 30, 2013 | Boston

Side Note: This was originally posted in my website, which is currently under repair.


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