Shimmying in Chicago: Michigan Avenue

“Shimmying” just plays nicely with “Chicago”.

Truth: One can’t dance along Michigan Avenue’s busy walkways; especially on a Saturday. But gusts in the Windy City are easily deemed irrelevant (when in possession of a good wind breaker) if one focuses on the delightful sights along the short walk from Grand Station to Millennium Park.

The Bean, I’m almost ashamed to say, was the highlight of my day. Many, specifically locals, would question the fascination a metallic, over-sized legume draws. The practical engineer (in me) would agree with these rational skeptics; the same engineer was simply amused as she was able to take pictures of the scene behind her.

Superb Street Art

Defense Bas Relief Sculpture by Henry Hering

Street Art: Defense Bas Relief Sculpture by Henry Hering


Michigan Intersection

Standing where Michigan Avenue transects Michigan River

Standing where Michigan Avenue transects Michigan River


Media and Social


Media has always been social


Attention to the Entrance

Door to Tribune Tower

Appreciating the details of the Tribune Tower entrance


Homage to Home

Philippines Bus Chicago

It’s More Fun in the Philippines (Chicago Version)


Cloud Gate: One Likable Legume

The Bean in Millennium Park

A check off my bucket list… No kidding, this ginormous (albeit inedible) bean is a thrilling sight.


Glass Goddesses

Stained Glass Museum in Navy Pier

Goddesses captured in glass


Beer and Sobriety

Navy Pier Beer

Leave sober or sleep it off

These days, walking downtown is so much less appealing – given sub-zero temperatures and high winds. But with summer a few months away, a trip back would be worth it perhaps?!?

My thanks to Ricky, the cool breh (he’s Jamaican), who went out of his way to show me around on November 10, 2013.


©Nel 2013

December 31, 2013 | Chicago

Side Note: This was originally posted in my website, which is currently under repair.


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