As you kiss her lips good night
Remember how you held me tight

As you smile because she’s in your life
Remember how I took away your strife

As you pull her close and whisper in her ear
Remember how you held me near

As you take her hand and walk by her side
Remember how we turned the tide

As you promise her forever and eternity
Remember how you told me we’d always be

As you cry when she hurts you and makes you blue
Remember all the tears I shed for you

As you pretend that it’s all okay
Remember how you left and simply walked away



©Nel 2006

July 24, 2006 | Cebu City

Side Note: This is poem #3 in a series of poems that I wrote in 2006 – a year that left me broken so I could recreate myself. Retrospect helps me appreciate how great love and life can be; how each heartbreak is just as important as each triumph.


3 thoughts on “Behind

  1. Ha. I found you. Not sure why I lost you, but here you are. That is a wicked heartbreaking poem. I like your side note though. We grow through heartbreak. Doesn’t seem fair, but that’s the way it s.

    • Well, there’s some trouble with the website I was previously on. But hey, that means I have to do most of my posting here now.

      Growth is a tricky thing. Because the pains always makes me think twice about the whole episode being worthwhile.

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