May Day Disaster

Well, not entirely.



The digital clock on the bus blinked as I boarded.

That’s early. I thought.

Other than feeling somewhat sorry for my usual bus mates who appeared to not have made it to the stop on time, the 10-minute ride was uneventful.

“Xie xie!” The bus driver reciprocated my words of thanks as I disembarked.

I’m going to buy iced black coffee before going to the office.

I rounded a corner on the right and crossed to the other side of the street – a safety precaution.

Hmmm. When did this factory close down?

Oh well I guess that’s change.

I pondered on the economic downturn for a few paces before noticing:

Why is the bank closed?

Hmmmmmmm…must be an office-mandated holiday.

A few more paces further, the coffee shop’s electric blue roof came to view, as did a line of closed factory doors.

What did I miss?

I continued to walk towards my office building nonetheless. Refusing to believe the obvious – not even stopping to see if the coffee shop was open.

For a few seconds, I stared blankly at my reflection on the swing-type glass doors. They were locked. I checked my phone when common sense decided to re-enter my brain.

May 1, 2012.

Was this a red-letter day on the calendar?

I stood there truly dumbfounded.

Labor Day?!?

Another minute or so passed – not knowing exactly what to do. Should I call my colleagues?

Silently mocking myself and deprecating my stupidity (and perhaps also muttering incoherently but I can’t remember), I retrace the steps back to the bus stop.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


I hope you enjoy these pictures from my “unplanned” activities on the first of May.



©Nel 2012

May 1, 2012 | Taiwan

Side Note: This is a re-post of a write-up I did in 2012. I totally missed that May 1st was also Labor Day (a holiday) in Taiwan.


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