People-Watching in Yehliu

On her blog The Worrywart’s Guide to Weight, Sex, and Marriage, Worrywart talks about motherhood and it’s not-so occasional perils. Reading her post, I chuckled thinking that my own mother is, quite possibly, enduring a similar Ironman-like race. Even if I’m legally an adult, I’ll never cease to be my mother’s (hard-headed) daughter.

Case in point: Last Monday, when I returned to work looking like an overcooked roast barbecue pork with white rings around the eyes. I had forgotten – or had been misled by the weather forecast to believe that there’d be extensive cloud cover – to put on sunblock. Sunblock is one of the many things that Mama would have incessantly reminded me to bring or apply had she known that I was going to the beach.

For Mother’s Day, I was up early; backpack-ready for a day trip to Wanli (萬里), a district in the north coast of Taiwan. One of the area’s most popular spots is Yehliu Geographical Park, which is primarily known for some interesting outcrops that resemble familiar objects, from mushrooms to a Queen’s head. Given, however, that it was a Sunday, I ended up people-watching instead of taking the intended (unobstructed) landscape shots.

I hope you enjoy these pictures. Somehow, I’m grateful to have these people being where they are when I took these.

Crossing the Safety Bounds at Yehliu

Crossing the Safety Bounds at Yehliu


And Mom, don’t worry. I didn’t actually cross the safety line to try to take “cooler” pictures from the cliff’s edge (but can’t say I didn’t consider it). ;) And yes, maybe next time I’ll remember to apply sunblock (but I know you’ll still love me even if I’m tanner than a lechon).


©Nel 2012

May 18 2012 | Taiwan

Side Note: This is a repost in time for Mother’s Day.


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