Gratitude (Part 1 of Many)

I am thankful for the opportunities that life has given, including a job that I enjoy and continually learn from.

I’m thankful for Snow (my dog) because even if he left paw prints on my pants this morning, I still look forward to giving him belly rubs when I get home.

I’m thankful for my decade-old SUV for not stalling even when it needed an oil change.

I’m thankful for the incessant summer heat bearing down on Cebu. Without sunshine, we would be unable to value rain and the hard work that goes into tilling our rice plantations.

I’m thankful that our summer is marvelous and predictable; that we don’t get unexpected snowfall in the middle of May.

I’m thankful for reggae music playing because despite the heartbroken lyrics it still manages to sound upbeat.

I’m thankful for this moment to be grateful to be alive.

What are you grateful for, friends?



©Nel 2014

May 20, 2014 | Mactan Island, Cebu

Side Note: Bad morning? All it takes is a bit of gratitude – I was once advised.

15 thoughts on “Gratitude (Part 1 of Many)

  1. I am grateful for my family, my friends, my camera, my pen, my new Duster. And, my improving levels of fitness …

  2. I’m grateful to be alive. Literally. A car almost crashed into our car a few hours ago, so I probably wouldn’t have been here reading this. Life is too precious to waste on negative thinking. Thanks for spreading an attitude of gratitude. xx

    • I’m glad you’re unscathed. I, too, tend to take a lot of things for granted – sometimes at the expense of other people. Take care! :)

  3. Love this post!
    I’m most grateful for my good health.
    Also for a comfortable life w/I stress & with enough $ to be content.
    Grateful for Poppy(kitty) who spreads hair everywhere along with abundant love.
    Mostly I’m grateful for LIFE!

    • I’m grateful to have you as a blogging buddy, Linda! :) I hope that I’ll have good health and great zest (just like you) when I get to 60 (Or are you younger? I can’t help but think you are.).

      • Sweetie Pie. I’m am…sigh. 61. Trying to embrace that but this decade has really knocked me on my ass. I don’t feel it a bit yet, but realize I’m living on borrowed time. Happy for that! Would love to meet up with you some time before the wind falls out of my sail.

      • I’ll get my travel plans together soon and will let you know. I’m not sure which airport to fly into though…

  4. gratitude – one of my favourite words. and what i am thankful for? to God for good health, and also for family (which includes Timmy my awesome cat) and friends, a beautiful planet on which to live, eyes to see it, a camera to capture moments, the wonderful folks at WordPress who have provided this fantastic blogging venue, (tell me when to stop), for the ability to travel and see so many wonders on this planet), music, words, (is that enough yet?) to name a few. :D

    • I think the more we are grateful for what we have, the more we deserve to have what we have. :) Does that make sense?

  5. that is an interesting perspective.
    i find if i am grateful for things, i enjoy them more. maybe that is what you were saying as well? they are ours to enjoy if we are thankful.
    i think there is not too much in this world that i can claim as my own doing. even being here on this amazing planet is a huge gift possible by the miracle of birth over which i had no say. and yet i am grateful to be alive.
    not sure if you are familiar with the study done on gratitude by Dr Robert Emmons of the University of California but feel free to do a search on it. being grateful is actually very good for our health, too. who knew! :)

  6. I agree with what you say. :)

    I’ll make time to look into Dr. Emmons’ work on gratitude. It does seem interesting.

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