Sacrifice not my sanity
You’re not worth my thoughts
You’re not worth my while

Leave with your senseless vanity
Rob us not of our wits
Rob us not of our smile

When power becomes greed’s entity
Know – there’s so much more
Know – temptation only seeks to beguile

Waste not my sanctity nor dignity
Look closely, find what you refuse to see
Look closely, find your own exile



©Nel 2006

September 15, 2006 | Cebu City

Side Note: This is poem #7 in a series of poems that I wrote in 2006 – a year that left me broken so I could recreate myself. Retrospect helps me appreciate how great love and life can be; how each heartbreak is just as important as each triumph.

Featured Image: Photo by The Baltimore Sun on darkroom.baltimoresun.com


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