One Year


I doubt he even knows it’s been a year…

A year’s too long ago for him to even care

But to me –

A year’s been as fresh as tonight would be tomorrow morning.

A year’s too long to suffer,

Yet too short to forget…

A year’s just enough to get over him,

But too soon to find someone new.

In a year, he lives in a distant universe

Yet now’s too sudden for me to even make a move.

Luckily, a year’s come and passed…

Perhaps it’s time for me to be free at last.



©Nel 2006

September 17, 2006 | Cebu City

Side Note: This could be poem #8 in a series of poems that I wrote in 2006 – a year that left me broken so I could recreate myself. But then, it wasn’t actually a piece of poetry; rather, it is a pile of broken verses attempting to be poetic.

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3 thoughts on “One Year

  1. I think this is a lovely and timeless poem. It speaks a universal truth about the relativity of love, how easily some can pass from one relationship to the next compared to how long other remain in a painful place of what seemed at one time to be comfort and safety.

    • Love is such a tricky subject, Linda. I think I placed too much focus on it for most of my 20s. Thus, the 2006 series of poems.

      • I guess that’s what our 20s are about. It’s all so new to us then. That sharp move from family love to new love in new ways that seem so exciting and exotic.

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