Youthful Portraits

I’ve once been told that it’s difficult to take pictures of children. Am I lucky or simply inexperienced? These kids didn’t give me grief when I asked for a smile (or at least for them to stay still).

These were taken in different locations at different points in time. I’ve learned that candy and coercion need not be involved. It was of course important to ask their parents’ permission.


©Nel 2014

June 16, 2014 | Cebu City

6 thoughts on “Youthful Portraits

  1. I think kids enjoy hamming it up for the camera. The fact that someone is interested in THEM, inspires hope and pride. Besides with iphonography so big these days, most kids seem very at easy in front of a lens, as your great shots demonstrate.

    • The interesting thing about these kids, Linda, is that they live outside the city. So iPhones and DSLRs are usually just brought in by city “slicks” (ahem I’m guilty to a degree). I think for most part, it’s curiosity and the sheer enjoyment of having their “litrato” (dialect equivalent of “photograph”) taken.

      Thanks for the visit! :) Yours is always appreciated.

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