Missing Out

There’s never any good excuse for pushing pens and paper aside for other seemingly more important tasks when you’re a writer.

Excuses are never good. There should be none.

Yet here I am feeling very guilty for trying to conjure a lengthy list of excuses.

So instead of an alibi, all I have is a shortlist of things that have been keeping me busy and off my laptop for the past weekends.

House Hunting

We’re looking for a place to move in to. It’s so much harder when you’ve got a budget, location and size in mind. Certain combinations just don’t seem to exist, i.e. two-room houses never go with two-car garages. Why?!?

house hunting

Car Maintaining

It’s that time of the year when my decade-old Trooper gets a maintenance check and some (costly) changes here and there (didn’t know car batteries could cost a fortune). On top of that, I had to renew the insurance and government-mandated paperwork. And with the bureaucracy in the Philippines, this is not an easy feat.

Wedding Planning

Not my my own, though. We (Z and I) were helping friends out in their wedding. The wedding went without a hitch and I’m just glad that it’s over. Who knew so much detail goes into planning even just the wedding cake?!?

Aaron and MV Cakes

Travel Planning

Some months of my time every year are spent traveling. Now I’m juggling proposals and scheduling visits to colleagues outside Cebu. The traveling is always the easy part, it’s the preparation that gets me.

Working and Training

I’m still in front of a computer or some machine (last week we were testing one we just bought) for at least five days a week. Sounds like slavery? Not really. My job’s awesome! (See above activity.)

I promised this would be brief so this will be my (second to the) last sentence.

Tell me friends, what else have I been missing out on?


©Nel 2014

July 8, 2014 | Cebu City


3 thoughts on “Missing Out

    • Sorry if the post made you feel tired. We actually found nice place down south and up a mountain. Now, we just need to figure out how to pay the monthly dues.

      How’ve you been, RW? I’ll visit your side of blogland soon.

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