Thirty was a tricky age to be in, turning thirty-one didn’t make it that much easier.

But this piece really isn’t about age. It’s about the wild flurry of thoughts that buzz through my head the moment that alarm rings.

Should I get up to do my work out? *hit snooze*

Oh crap! !#!$!% It’s past six. I’ll get out and exercise tomorrow. I PROMISE!

%!^!&!*#($&%(%)^*%&$$)#*$)$! Am I the only one who’s in a hurry this morning?!?!?

Huh?!?! I thought that report was due two days from now?

Something’s wrong…need to call an emergency team meeting…

Seriously?!?! %!^!&!*#($&%(%)^*%&$$)#*$)$! Am I the only one who’s late for dinner?!?!?

Pine on Mount Morgan, NH

This precious moment of silence, of hearing the voices in my head is bliss.

I could wish for more time to hear the walls echo but these days I settle for the fragmented minutes, sometimes seconds – to pause in wild and mild reflection.

When I turned thirty-one, I wished for balance; but it seems I have to check again when I turn thirty-two.


©Nel 2014

27 October 2014 | Photo: Mount Morgan, NH | Words: Cebu City


3 thoughts on “Settling

  1. Aakkk! Cherish every precious moment of silence because before you know it you’ll be 61 turning 62! ((I should say, if you’re lucky…as I know many who never made it this far:-{)Really, when I was younger it was relatively easy to spring from bed and stumble into my clothes for a morning workout. But now, without the pressures of work, which you so aptly describe, I have taken to giving in to putting off the workout till tomorrow or the next day or… That’s not good for my body, but oh is it good for my soul! Rejoice for each day you wake up!

    • Is it so wrong for me to do so many things before turning 40?

      I will take your advice, however, Linda. Segments of silence, no matter how short, will be valued and respected. ;)

      • Oh no, I didn’t mean to narrow your field…just be sure to be IN the fields you tread. Try to remember that each moment–both good and bad–could be your last moment and be aware of what and how it feels to be alive. That sounds pathetic and preachy. I don’t mean it that way, but I just see too many people rushing from A to Z, completely oblivious to the journey. ;-)

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