Being a Teenager Means…

This is a Misplaced File


Taking your time

Enjoying life and making the most out of your energy and independence

Exercising the right to liberation and freedom

Needing the constant companionship of pals and true friends

Admiring sheer beauty but maintaining distance (crushes, flings, etc.)

Gaining a lot of flattery and new acquaintances

Engaging in new things and enriching one’s self-esteem and personality

Realizing your dream, revolutionizing the word “adolescence” and reaching the depths of maturity


©Nel 1998

1 November 1998 | Cebu City

Thoughts while reading this in 2014: I was an idealist and a bit crazy (gaining flattery?!? seriously?!?!). My thoughts and actions weren’t always in sync.

Side Note on the Misplaced Files: The Misplaced Files are poems, thoughts, rants, and musings that were written on pieces of paper, notebooks, napkins and textbooks from 1996 (freshman in high school) to around 2005 (fifth year in college). All rough, random and unedited – posted in varying chronology as an effort preserve what might otherwise be lost in a fire or by the very act of my mom cleaning out the closets.

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2 thoughts on “Being a Teenager Means…

    • My folks were very protective and attentive of me in high school. I think it has a lot to do with culture and the way Filipinos in general are brought up.

      I’m sure glad I turned out ok after high school. :)

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