Gratitude (Part 2 of Many)

I’m thankful for mortality because it enables me to live in each moment.

I’m thankful all those times Dad pointed out my driving mistakes (and scolded me) because I learned to navigate the roads cautiously.

I’m thankful for the, albeit brief, pockets of time for meaningful conversations because they remind me that materialism hasn’t swallowed me whole.

I’m thankful for great food because everyone deserves a small reward for long, stressful weeks.

I’m thankful for rubber flip-flops because as long as I have them, I can wade through the flooded streets.

I’m thankful for November because we’re now just a month away from Christmas, which is one holiday I’m also grateful for.


Caught in a rut? Think of everything that you’re most grateful for and tell me about it.

~ Nel



©Nel 2014

6 November 2014 | Mactan Island, Cebu

Side Note: Pausing and thinking of everything that’s actually going my way.

Photo Credits: Got the picture off The cake is called DCC (Don’t Count Calories) which is halo-halo re-imagined into cake version.

2 thoughts on “Gratitude (Part 2 of Many)

  1. I’m so stinkin’ full of gratitude, it would take me all night. I’ll just rattle off the first few that bounce to mind:

    I’m thankful for the big maple in front of my house that used to be a tiny maple. It provides wonderful shade and privacy to my bedroom in the summer; in the fall its blushing leaves cast warm light into my boudoir; in the winter its bare stems allow me to gauge the quality of the snow on the mountains, to sigh over the moon rising, and gaze in rapture at glorious sunsets that also cast warm light into my boudoir; and then comes spring when my maple reminds me of all the glory yet to come from it’s fattening buds.

    • That sounds like a very lovely maple. Is that the one you once took pictures of, around fall? The one with reds, orange and yellow like it was going up in flames?

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