Yohanne’s Afternoon Swim

At two, I didn’t have a fondness for water. At two, Yohanne (my niece) doesn’t share that fear, which is why we had a fun time at the pool today.




©Nel 2014

8 November 2014 | Alta Vista Country Club, Cebu

Side Note: My brother took these lovely pictures. That’s me holding trying to teach Yohanne.

2 thoughts on “Yohanne’s Afternoon Swim

  1. You are surrounded by water, yet not fond of it? Yikes. But this is SO important, for little tykes to be introduced to water very early so they feel comfortable in it. Isn’t it amazing how easily they take to it at that age? I wish I’d had this type of introduction to water. Love getting a glimpse of Nel, in this post, too! ;-)

    • Surprising isn’t it? I wasn’t fond of water as a kid (I have a ton of childhood photos to prove it). But you’re absolutely right about having to teach tots early about water safety and how to swim.

      Thanks for stopping by, Linda. Your comments are always a welcome sight. :)

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