Slipping Out of My Head

Cruising through traffic this morning was literally a breeze. I’d wondered if all the reckless drivers slept in. It was a welcome experience considering that the rest of the day, according to my trusty organizer, seemed bleak and stressful.

Then it came. An idea for a substantial blog post. Queue the trumpets!

It was too exciting and too important to pass up.

Since it was impossible for me to write it down at that very moment, I swore to make notes on the first media that would allow me to.

The idea consumed me for the rest of the drive. Sentences were conjured, restructured, thrown out and somehow retrieved. Potential sources of background information were considered. More sentences, adjectives, theories convoluted in my head.

This truly was too inspired to pass up.

I remember parking where I always do. I remember badging in and greeting security. I remember unpacking my laptop.

For the life of me, I now can’t remember even the slightest glimmer of my supposedly brilliant write-up.

Between the laptop and now were emails, conference calls, cups of coffee, more emails, meetings, hallway conversations, decisions, even more cups of coffee, heavy afternoon traffic…

Inspired, exciting, important and brilliant – descriptions of my next substantial blog post (perhaps).

For now, I’ve got to go lest I’d forget to take a shower and slip right into slumber.



©Nel 2014

12 November 2014 | Cebu City

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