That Moment

When I saw you with someone else
You were in love with her
I could tell
There was a calmness in your face
A sense of security
Secure that you were with someone who loved you back

When I saw you without her
Something was different
You became different
I couldn’t put a finger on it
Something was off
A man at a crossroads
Someone who lost love so passionate

When I heard you’d left
I saw you changing
I saw you still
Somehow I always did
You were broken
So broken that it hurt to see you like that
I wondered
Could I help you fix you?
The walls, my epitome crumbled
Like butter on a smoldering sword
You melted despite your resolve

Did I want you still?
After I’d seen you with someone else
After I’d seen you at your worst
After you’d broken my heart
After all we’d been through
Friends, confidantes, lovers

Over and over
I go back to that moment
When you were with her
Without rational, believable reason
Knowing we’d be different
You would mean so much more to me


©Nel 2013

20 November 2013 | Chicago

Photo Credits: Aundre Larrow on Snapwire Snaps

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