Life, Things and Mood Swings


We all have to please someone at one point. Last week, I had to ensure that a kicking and screaming client, who was demanding for service, was pacified.

This normally doesn’t get to me unless it’s urgent and that the credibility of my team was at risk of being questioned.

So the middle of the week was spent pushing and badgering people to get things done – which isn’t how I typically operate. Micromanaging can be extremely taxing. Unfortunately, I had to do it.

By Friday afternoon, I was spent and completely pessimistic about the weekend.

Passing the lobby, on my way to yet another round of incessant badgering, I saw a familiar face, my colleague’s fourteen year old daughter.

Noticing how much weight she’d lost and how her wig looked so realistic.

I was brought down to reality. She had just gone through several doses of chemotherapy and radiation to mitigate her Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a form of cancer. How can someone so young have so much wisdom in her eyes? She is a survivor.

We chatted for a bit about how she was doing and what books she’d been reading. She was waiting for her mom, who arrived on queue.

I walked away at a slower pace feeling that I was in no position to complain about having to work hard. I had no right to blame circumstance for being unfair. How can I? It simply wasn’t my place to. I am but a speck in the vast universe, in the many interwoven destinies.

Ever so often, the chaotic world pulls us right back to how awesome our lives truly are. It’s as though the elements react to our incessant kicking and screaming.

We need to see this. I needed to see this. Perspective re-adjusted.


©Nel 2015

19 August 2015 | Cebu City

Photo Credits: Andrius Aleksandravičius

2 thoughts on “Life, Things and Mood Swings

  1. Children with cancer are often braver than their parents and other adults. They also exude a wisdom that belies their age. We all need a reality check.

  2. Haven’t heard from you in a while. Nice to know you’re still around and still pondering the complexities of life. I often glance at the obits and reflect on the youth of some of the people listed there. That forces me to evaluate my own life, to think about how little I had accomplished at those young ages, how much I still want to accomplish, how unfair it is that these people never had the opportunities I’ve had and, in some cases, squandered. Every day is a blessing.

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